What Exactly is a Certified Roofer and is it Better to Use One?

Home maintenance is among the most significant expenses a household can spend, and it’s an area where you do not want to cut corners. This is something most homeowners will learn firsthand when undertaking costly repairs and those who’ve invested in their building will also know that some jobs simply require a specialist. This is doubly important when it comes to maintaining your roof.

Being a homeowner myself, one thing I’ve learned is the importance of professional and qualified roofers in both minor and major roof repair. These experts have the necessary qualifications, experience, and licenses from the relevant authorities to perform all kinds of work on any roof. Employing amateurs, or going at it solo with a DIY attitude, as I once did, is likely to have disastrous consequences. It will not only cost you more money eventually, but you are also jeopardizing the safety of your family, and risk damaging the property.

Certified roofers are members of the relevant professional organizations and have the necessary credentials to practice the craft. These include:

  • having studied and passed the required exams
  • adhering to specific codes and criteria of practice
  • they need to have enough professional experience to qualify for certification
  • undergo continuous training that ensures they do correct, high quality installations
  • have proper insurance coverage that protects them against personal injury
  • use the right, quality material for installation or repair purposes
  • perform their duties under a written contract
  • issue a roof certification which states the roof has no defects upon completion of work, and that it will remain so for a specified period of time – usually 2-5 years

Aside from being the right people to give you accurate cost estimates upon inspecting a roof, they can offer guidance as to the best choice of materials for a job, given the budget you put forth. The main benefits consumers can expect from employing certified roofers involve time, safety considerations, and job satisfaction. You should find roofers with the relevant certification in any city in the US, which includes roofing in Oklahoma City or anywhere else.


Amateurs are likely to take a lot longer than a professional to complete a roof job properly. The latter already knows what the best and right materials are, and has the necessary equipment and tools for the job. By the time a novice has done research on how to repair a roof with what kind of materials, the professional would have wrapped up the job with expert skill and confidence. Moreover, certified roofers can quickly detect where leaks or cracks are in a roof, estimate the extent of damage, and the time needed to repair it effectively and quickly.


Injuries sustained from slipping and falling off roofs are some of the common dangers DIY, or amateur, roof repairers expose themselves to. They also put people inside the home in danger by accidentally plunging through ceilings, or causing heavy tools to come crashing from above. Moreover, and unlike professionals, novices aren’t adept at working with the machinery and tools used for roof work, and are prone to damage their bodies, the roof, or other parts of the building structure.

Job Satisfaction

Because certified roofers know what they are doing, homeowners can expect error-free work done in a timely manner. The problem with amateur work is that mistakes tend to pop up everywhere, thus compelling the consumer to spend more money on further repairs, materials and labor costs.

Advice and Guidance

Certified roofers do not just provide installation and maintenance work. They also give advice on roof styles, appropriate color choices, the best materials, and how to maintain a roof properly, for example. Reputable roofing contractors also provide 24-hour standby services in case emergency work on roofs are required.

When searching for qualified professional roofers, it’s prudent to do a bit of research before selecting a contractor. Ask around for at least 3-5 quotes before settling on a contractor, and get as much relevant information about the people you choose to hire. Most reputable contractors will give you contact details of previous satisfied customers, and have the necessary paper work to back up the professional credentials of its employees.

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