What to Do About Water Stains on Walls or Ceilings

The upstairs bath tub over flowed, a leak developed in the roof, a pipe started to leak. These are just a few of the things that can happen to a home to create water damage on the walls or ceiling. Months of winter weather can create moisture to build up in homes. Once a wall or ceiling is damaged by water it is hard to correct the problem. You may be tempted to cover up the stain by aping a new coat of fresh paint but chances are that the stain will bleed right through the new coat of paint in no time at all. Here are some steps you can try to repair the damage.

Find out what is causing the water damage and correct that problem first. If a pipe is leaking, get the pipe fixed. If the roof is leaking, fix the roof. If the tub over flowed don’t do that again. If you don’t fix the source of the problem then the problem is likely to return and you will get another unsightly water stain.

Clean the area that has been damaged by water. You can make a solution of one cup of bleach to one gallon of water and wash the stain with the solution. Be careful to have adequate ventilation and wear rubber glove for your protection. When you wash the stain remove the mildew, dirt and other unsightly deposits that are the stain.

Dry the area that you have washed well. You can start with a towel and get as much water up that way. Then you may want to try a hair dryer, a dehumidifier, heater or fan to help dry the area up nicely. Point the fan or heater toward the surface you want dried. Make sure the surface is completely dry before you cover it with primer or paint.

You should use a primer on the area that is meant to kill stains before you paint it. A salesperson at a paint store can help you to decide which type of primer is right for your situation. New primers are on the markets that do a marvelous job of treating stains before you put on a new coat of paint.

After the primer has dried you can paint the area with at least two coats of paint. You can use any color paint you desire for a top coat.

Always follow the safety instructions on the products you are using.

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