What to Expect at an Archery Competition

Years of practice have prepared your for this most exciting day. You have arrived at the archery competition primed and ready to do your very best. Your question is what exactly are you supposed to do?

There are many rules in an archery competition most of which are set up to ensure the safety of all the competitors. There will be one person in charge, this person is called a Marshall, and this person must be listened at all times without giving into any wavering. In archery competitions, there will be a line that all competitors must stand behind. This line can only be crossed once the archery event is completed and the Marshall has called for all bows and arrows to be put down. All archers must shoot from the same line during an archery competition. Moving away from the line may put others in danger and is not permitted while the competition is still going on.

During the archery competition the Marshall will also be responsible for explaining the rules to all the competitors. They will, as well, organize and call the shoots, and do all the scoring during the archery competition.

There are several different types of rounds in an archery competition. There are speed rounds that are timed and so are scored on accuracy as well as on speed. When you are a competitor in a speed round during an archery competition you must take your own arrows, no one is allowed to give you assistance in this. If when a round is over, your arrow is already in the air it will be counted.

Two exceptions that may be made during the archery competition consist of a visually impaired competitor being able to have a spotter tell them where their shots hit on the target. Or an archer who is wheelchair bound being permitted to shoot at the archery competition while seated.

. One of the things that will decide how you compete is what type of bow you use. There are usually three divisions available to compete in. The first is the handbow division and this one is quite simple. Any handbow, of modern or period make, may compete. The next is the crossbow division, and any crossbow, period or modern, may take part in this part. Finally there is the period handbow. These must be made in the style of the period laminate bows. Whatever type of bow you use somewhere there is an archery competition for you to compete at.

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