Where to Find the Best Recipes for the Jewish Holidays on the Internet

The Jewish holidays are usually a time in which festive gatherings of family occur, seated around a table in which a vast array of traditional and modern takes on Jewish food is eagerly enjoyed by all. No doubt each family has their own particular menu that they have happily worked with throughout the years, with a few favorite dishes whose popularity cannot be denied.

But if you would like to add a few new recipes for the Jewish holidays to your menu, then you’ve no need to go shopping for expensive cookbooks. You can find a large host of Jewish Holiday recipes right on the Internet, along with reviews, cooking tips, and updated classics that are sure to give once bland recipes an extra kick of flavor.

Two high-profile cooking and recipe sites that often host a section of recipes for the Jewish holidays are www.foodandwine.com and www.epicurious.com. Although both sites tend to lean toward the gourmet or fancier side of culinary fare, many recipes can be easily adapted for those with lesser kitchen experience. To find recipes for the Jewish holidays, you can simply navigate to the recipe section of either site, and then browse through the various recipe collections. Each site contains recipes for Jewish holidays such as Passover, Hanukkah, and Rosh Hashanah. The tasty variations of classic traditional Jewish fare are sure to be a surprising treat at the dinner table.

For a more comprehensive site for Jewish recipes, be sure to visit www.jewishrecipes.org. This website is dedicated to providing information and recipes on all aspects of Jewish cooking, as well as holiday specific recipes. The site is also a wealth of information on various Jewish foods and ingredients, and offers items for sale such as Passover Seder plates and Kosher kitchenware.

On www.jewishrecipes.org, you’ll find that Jewish cooking can be richly sweet and ultimately rewarding, when you serve up such delicious items as Apricot Honey Cake, Stir-Fried Fish, Pomegranate Chicken Breasts, and Poppy Seed Noodles. These recipes are all appropriate for Rosh Hashanah, a holiday in which sweet foods or foods made with honey are traditionally consumed.

At www.koshercooking.com, you’ll find a small but tasty assortment of recipes for the Passover, Hanukkah, and the High Holidays, as well as links to various other resources for Jewish cooking and a fine selection of Jewish recipes for everyday enjoyment, spanning breakfast, meats and poultry, assorted dishes, and desserts.

At www.jewish-food.org, you can get right to browsing the large database of Jewish and Jewish Holiday-themed recipes, many of them submitted by families that have cooked them for generations. You are sure to find a large host of old and new world Jewish fare, suitable for everyday cooking or specific to the Jewish holidays. The recipes are broken down into several specific categories to make finding the ideal recipe for the Jewish holidays easier and quicker. You’ll also find recipes for a fusion of Jewish and other international cultures, like Italian and Japanese, very useful if your Jewish holidays are cross-cultural.

Last but not least, for veterans of the Jewish kitchen and readers of the Hebrew language, you can check out www.pesto.co.il. This website contains a large host of Jewish recipes and information related to Jewish cooking, all of it in Hebrew. The layout of the site makes finding recipes by category easy, and the valuable tips and information are sure to enhance any meal.

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