Whirlpool Velos G2 Convect

While I love to cook, I have never truly mastered the art of utilizing any of the microwave ovens that I have owned to their maximum capacity. However, my desire to rid myself of my electric stove in favor of more cupboard space, made me research alternative options. Enter the Whirlpool Velos G2 combined microwave and convection oven; the answer to any cook’s, or potential cook’s, prayers. This magical piece of equipment takes all of the guesswork out of microwave cooking with the added option of convection cooking, a combination of the two, plus grilling and steaming options. What more could one ask for!

The scroll through menus are simple to follow and offer numerous options. Most items require only that the food item to be cooked be selected from the appropriate menu choice and/or the weight included, or the type and number of items to be cooked. In many instances not knowing the weight is no problem since the microwave has a “sensing” mechanism to determine the weight!

A “sizzle” pan, included with the Velos G2, requires only a hint of cooking spray to fry an egg or grill fish to perfection every time. My limited mastery with other microwaves left me somewhat pessimistic as to how a whole roast chicken would turn out. However, I was duly impressed with the succulent brown bird, with crispy skin, that emerged at the end of the cooking time. It was simply a case of sitting the bird on the short convection rack, with the “sizzle” pan below, and punching in the bird’s weight; what could be easier and no basting was required!

This microwave also comes with a special steamer tray. Place the item(s) to be steamed in the tray, pop on the lid, and the Velo G2 does the rest. If you don’t like your veggies crisp, simply add more time; the microwave will prompt you. The microwave has the added advantage of remembering the settings that you use frequently with its “most used” feature. This is a particularly useful tool as you can access this information rapidly without having to scroll through other menu choices. The microwave has a power vent fan with different speed settings and food is easily visible through the glass door. Special easy to clean surfaces coat the inside of the oven. Just wipe with a damp cloth; no more nasty, messy oven spray cleaner is needed. I was somewhat apprehensive about the cupboards at either side of the microwave becoming hot when utilizing the manual convection oven at high temperatures. But no problem, the oven obviously has adequate insulation.

I can honestly say I am delighted with my purchase and, while the Velo 2 is not cheap, in my opinion it is value for money. And, best of all, my husband can now cook his own frozen pizza!

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