Why Are We Rewarding Lebanon?

News reports are saying that the U.S. is sending $30 million in humanitarian aid to Lebanon now. Why?

What were the lebanese people thinking when they embraced Hezbollah and allowed them to build concrete bunkers in homes all over the country with rocket launchers aimed at Israel? What were they thinking when they allowed them to build underground concrete bunker management offices in Beirut?

Are the lebanese people not to be held responsible for this?

They’re saying that 40% of the lebanese population are hard core Hezbollah supporters. What about the rest? How could they sit idly by and allow all that to happen, then watch Hezbollah start an all-out war against Israel, without thinking that they would be held accountable too?

Why are we rewarding such behavior with even one dollar of U.S. aid?

What a disgusting thought, helping people who are responsible for allowing and even assisting their country being turned into a vast terrorist base camp. And let’s not forget the Bekaa Valley of northeast Lebanon in this whole equation, where rumors have it that Saddam’s WMDs may have been moved, before the U.S. invasion of Iraq. How interesting if the Israelis were to invade the whole of Lebanon now, and have a look inside the Bekaa Valley area. What would they find? Indeed. That alone could implicate Syria, to the point where war against that country might become inevitable for the U.S.

No, it’s time to put our foot down with these sponsors and delegators of terrorism in the region. Massive numbers of people have been killed in Iraq, by the foreign fighters and suicide bombers ( al qaeda and/or Hezbollah? ) that Iran and Syria have sent into that country to initiate force on their behalf, in their all-out attempts to ensure that the U.S. fails and they fall back under another brutal dictatorship.

Iran would love to move in and take the shia parts of Iraq after a U.S. failure, and no doubt Syria would love to take over the sunni areas.

Now it turns out that Lebanon was turned into a terrorist base nation by these nations, that are some of the greatest forces of evil in the world today.

On the very day that the U.S. was asking for sanctions against Iran for their development efforts to make nuclear weapons, Iran told their dogs Hezbollah to attack Israel through Lebanon. How outrageous.

The U.S. doesn’t need to attack Iran and Syria with ground armies, we can utterly devastate them with our air forces. Israel has shown great restraint in only attacking the rocket launchers in Lebanon, they could have leveled the whole country to the ground. Think of what the U.S. could do to Iran and Syria from the air.

It’s time that we gave Iran and Syria an ultimatum: Get out of Lebanon and Iraq and leave them alone, and right now, or else the U.S. will destroy Iran and Syria. We can do it, and obviously brutal overwhelming force is the only thing that these evil dictator terrorist perpetrators will respect.

Melissa Rhiannon is a free lance libertarian Objectivist writer living somewhere in Colorado.

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