Why Won’t Football Enthusiasts Consider the Athletic Accomplishments of the New Orleans Saints?

With an overwhelming amount of emphasis being placed on the team that symbolically represents a grief stricken New Orleans, it appears that the media has lost focus of one critical aspect; a 3-0 start from a team that struggled to triumph in victory just a season ago.

Undoubtedly, the reconstruction/re-opening of the super dome is as remarkable as the site of new orleanians cheering their beloved Saints to victory. However, many sports fans have failed to acknowledge the team for their accomplishments ON the field. Although only 3 games into the season and a far cry from being post season contenders, the Saints are thus far flawless. Inevitabley, the question arises. How long can they maintain a consistent game winning mentality? With big name players such as Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Deuce Mccalister and Joe Horn, It is legitimate to conclude that the Saints are ready to shed past season reputations as being the “schizophrenic saints”.

Whether or not the Saints experience a memorable football season, they have already earned sincere respect by some who are willing to view these players as athletes, as opposed to spokespersons. As football fans, we cant let a catastrophic event like Katrina negate the significance of this turn of events in New Orleans

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