You Have Been Diagnosed with HIgh Blood Pressure- Now What?

It happens to us all, some much later in life but it does happen. We go to the doctor and suddenly our life is changed. As we get older our bodies begin to shut down and so we develop problems with our health as a slow result of our time ending.
There have been a series of books that have done very well entitled ” _____ For Dummies”. Well, the ‘Dummies’ series has gone a step further by providing help and understanding for serious medical conditions. It does not mean a person is ‘dumb’ if you buy it, all it means is that you are not satisfied with the explanations that you have been given and would like to know more about it.

I have chosen the most common that we suffer from, and will gladly give you the title of the book so that you can better understand the situation that best describes what you are now facing.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: The strength of blood flowing against the inside walls of your vessels (veins, capillaries, and arteries) plus your blood vessels’ resistance to blood flow create blood pressure. If blood pressure is too great, it can damage the vessels and limit blood flow to vital organs. That’s why it’s important to decrease your blood pressure.
Unfortunately, most people experience no symptoms with this condition. The book to get is “High Blood Pressure for Dummies.”

STROKE: 700,000 Americans each year are affected by this serious problem. When the blood supply to the brain is infringed or blocked for any reason then the consequences are usually very extreme. Having control over your body’s movement, perception, speech, or other mental or bodily functions is greatly impaired. The interference of blood flow (circulation) to the brain is called a STROKE.
This is an illness that you can see coming. The symptoms include:
� Sudden weakness or numbness in your limbs or confined to one side of the body
� Dimmness or total loss of vision
� Problems with understanding speech or trying to speak
� Severe headaches
*With all of these you may experience unconsciousness and fall. The book to buy would be “Strokes for Dummies”.

HEART DISEASE: This is the leading cause of death in both men and women. There are mnay types of heart disease whether it be in the heart itself or a problem with the pumping it really can be quite complicated and scary to understand. Symptoms usually include:
� Shortness of breath
� Dizziness
� Heart palpatations
� Nausea or vomiting
“Heart Disease for Dummies” is there for you.

Some other great “for Dummies” books are “Migranes for Dummies”-“Prostate Cancer for Dummies” and “Irritable Bowel Syndrome for Dummies.” These are surprisingly common ailments.
There are many avenues of help out there to better understand and live life despite these problems that arise with our ever increasing ages. We are not meant to live forever in these bodies, but we can be more comfortable when dealing with health issues such as these.

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