Altmore Infant School London

Altmore Infant School and Children Centre is a community school with 468 pupils on board. It is made sure that the curriculum is taught to pupils in a cordial and easy-to-comprehend manner. Children at Altmore are encouraged to participate in various activities, helping them develop themselves into well groomed personalities. The teaching methodology adopted at the school revolves around confidence building, ability to work in teams, and inculcating good manners in the pupils. Special attention is given to extra-curricular activities like oral presentations, role-plays, research and creative expression of a child. Professionals from various walks of life, like policemen, firefighters and authors visit the school and help to contribute towards children’s thought process development.

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    Altmore Infant School and Children Centre

    Self belief and confidence building

    Good manners, tolerance and courtesy

    Oral presentations, creative expression and role-play

    Ability to work in team

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    Operational Hours

    The school operates from 8:55 am till 3:25 pm.

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    How to Contact Altmore Infant School and Children Centre

    If you want to contact the school then use the contact form link given below. Their e-mail address is also mentioned if you want to contact them via email.


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    Careers at Altmore Infant School and Children Centre

    The school may be contacted at the below mentioned phone number, or you can e-mail them if you are interested in inquiring about the availability of career prospects.

    Contact:+44 20 8472 3555


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    Altmore Infant School and Children Centre Location

    Altmore Avenue, East Ham, London, E6 2BX, United Kingdom.

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    How to get to Altmore Infant School and Children’s Centre

    By Tube

    From East Ham tube station, which is the nearest underground station, you should move South on High St. towards Burgers road. Now take the the first left towards Burges road and from the roundabout, take the first exit toward Altmore Avenue. View Map

    By Bus

    Nearby bus stop of Kempton road (stop L) is frequented by buses numbering 101, 104, 147, 238, 300, 325, 376 and 474.

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