Apology Email to Company

It doesn’t matter how professionally perfect you are, there might come times when you commit some mistakes and you have to own up to them. Accepting your mistakes and apologising to the affected is a part of business ethics and professionalism. You should be able to write an apology email to a company, either as a customer or as a supplier, if you have committed a mistake.

Start your email by addressing the offended company with a proper greeting. Begin your first paragraph with an immediate apology and address to the core issue right away.

Take the responsibility of the mistake being committed in the following paragraph and explain the causes of the error on your part. Never try to shift blame on the offended party.

In the next paragraph, you should offer any reparations which might help ease out the offended company.

Conclude your email by repeating your apology and expressing hopes of healthier business relations in the future.


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    Sample of Apology Email to Company

    To: company@mail.com

    Subject:  Apology Email to company

    Dear Eddie Brands,

    Accept my sincerest apologies on not delivering your shipment on time. I understand how much inconvenience you would have suffered from this delay and my company fully regrets it.

    It is entirely our fault to put loyal customer like you on delay. There has been some serious error in the manufacturing plant and a lot of faulty goods were produced during the last week. After taking care of the maintenance, we have to spend some extra time to reproduce your ordered bicycles.

    As a compensation for the inconvenience we have caused you, our company offers a 5 per cent discount on your current delivery.

    Once again accept my deepest apologies and I hope this event does not affect out business relations in the future.


    Alexander Tyson

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    Template of Apology Email to Company

    To: [email address of the recipient]

    Subject: [Subject of Email]

    Dear Mr./Mrs. [name of the recipient]

    I humbly apologise for wrongly accusing your company about the latest delivery of raw material last week.

    It has been recently discovered that one of our store keeper has been responsible of committing a fraud with the inventory and putting the blame on your company. Our company fully accepts the blame of the event and will take all the necessary actions against those responsible.

    I apologise once again and request you to ignore the offending email which was sent to you by our operating manager. We are initiating a new programme to avoid such events from reoccurring as well. I hope our business ties will not be affected by such issues and we keep on going well in the future.


    [your name]
    [your designation]

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