Best Bubble Tea in London

Bubble Tea mania originated from tea shops in Taichung Taiwan back in the 1980’s and since then, it became rapidly popular all over the world, including London. It’s called bubble tea because bubbles come up after strong shaking. It has two flavors; one is a fruit flavored tea and the other is a milk tea or a hybrid flavor. Whatever the flavor is, bubble tea has four common ingredients that are Tapioca balls, milk, tea and sugar. Considering their demand, there are a few restaurants that have been set up in London to provide bubble tea. These are located in easily accessible areas and offer delightful taste and services, telling stories of their success.


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    This amazing restaurant is one of the most visited restaurants for bubble tea in London. It has a unique scientific theme with all the staff wearing lab coats, while there are lab sets for decoration all around. The menu includes delicious milk bubble teas and fruit bubble teas filled with varied flavors of choice.

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    Boba Jam:

    This can be a very good option if you want to have bubble tea with coconut water in a calm and quiet place with Chinese or Korean songs playing in the background. Also, it offers a wide range of exciting flavors which you can enjoy on reasonable prices.

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    Candy Café:

    This is yet another good choice for bubble tea in London. So bubble yourself up at the Candy Cafe with 30 different flavors.The tapioca balls also come in different flavors including aloe vera, glass jelly, qq jelly or pudding. You can also enjoy the bubble tea juice with unique flavors of kumquat lemon or calamansi.

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    Café de HongKong:

    This amazing café is a wonderful place for bubble tea, offering the delectable items at reasonable prices. The overall attire is casual and is good for groups and children. Even if you do not want to sit there, you can also opt for take away.

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    This wonderful restaurant will exceed your expectations of bubble teas. The quality of the drinks are very good and they are not just served as syrups like other bubble tea offering cafes. You will also find amazing blend of flavors and toppings that are not found anywhere else.

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