Best Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

A lot of women around the world complain about oily skin. A person with such a skin type might find it hard to keep her face from appearing greasy. It is one of the reasons for blemishes and acne. There are many reasons which contribute to this problem: genes, daily diet, environment around you and hormonal issues. Nowadays a lot of products are present in the market which helps to control this issue. They give your face a toned and matte look.


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    It is agreed by dermatologists that the most efficient method to control oily skin is to cleanse twice a day. Hard soaps aggravate oil production, so it is advised to use a gentle cleanser. Oil secretion also increases by using a washcloth. For some people a simple cleanser may not work, so try an acne care product. People with sensitive skins have to try different products before settling on one.  Also keep in mind to wash your face with warm water, high temperature can be harmful to skin.

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    Clays and masks can help to clarify the skin by drawing out oil and cleaning the pores. They should be applied to the oily patches instead of the whole skin to prevent over drying. Don't use them on daily basis; instead apply them before big events like weddings, presentations or parties.

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    Blotting paper

    Another good option for clearing oil is to use blotting papers. They are simple to use and do not dry the skin. The best way to use them is to gently press them on the oily regions for absorption.

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    There is a myth that moisturizers make the skin shiny. Even if your skin is oily, it needs moisture to appear at its best. It is recommended to use an oil free moisturizer. Also, use it accordingly if the region is oily or dry.

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    The regular sunscreens may not work well for people with oily skin. As they are thick they can clog the pores. Bur it is still important to protect the skin from sun rays. For these people sunscreen gels are better options than lotions or creams. Alternate products like face powders can also reduce this damage.

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