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It is not always possible to do everything with the help of the company’s existing employees and sometimes you have to outsource some of your tasks. Companies therefore hire different individuals and companies to do varying tasks for them. If you have been interviewed by a company for a project, write a quick thank you letter for this favour.

Start the email with the name, designation and the title of the company to whom you are writing.

Use opening salutation. Since you are writing the email to a person you know, mention his/her name like Dear (name). You can also use Dear Sir, if you do not want to use the person’s name. Using the recipient’s name in opening salutation sounds more intimate and interactive.

Start the first paragraph by thanking the recipient for interviewing you. Express your happiness with the attitude of the interviewer.

Mention the details of the project or job you were interviewed for. If it is technical project, you can talk a little about its background, complications and challenges. Do not go into too much detail as it will kill the purpose of the letter; stick to the facts.

Conclude the email by expressing hope that you both will be benefitting from the partnership.

Put your name, designation and company name at the bottom of the email.


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    Sample Business Interview Thank You Email

    Shane Dorian,
    General  Manager,
    Atlas furniture,
    Florida, FL 10021

    Dear Shane,

    I would like thank you for conducting my interview regarding outsourcing of your IT department. I am happy about the prospects as the job description you had mentioned during the interview is all in a day’s work for us. I am ready to take over your IT department once you approve my company for the job.

    I am fully confident that my company is capable of handling all the IT related issues you are currently facing. Your IT department needs to be fully revamped as the network facility you are using right now is not so reliable. So, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed right away.

    I will thank you once again for the interview opportunity, and am looking forward to receiving an approval from you pretty soon.


    John Buckner,
    Vibrant IT Solutions,
    Florida, FL 10024

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    Template of Business Interview Thank You Email

    (Recipient name),
    (Recipient designation),
    (Company name),
    (Company address)

    Dear (Recipient name),

    I am writing this email to thank you for the interview opportunity you gave me regarding your new project. The interview went well and it was great having a conversation with you.

    When I first read about the job opportunity you had advertised in a newspaper, I was a bit double minded; but once I talked to you in person, everything became clear and I realised that the project you are trying to outsource is nothing new to me.

    I am hoping to receive a call from you pretty soon and am looking forward to joining your company.


    (Your name),
    (Your designation),
    (Company name),
    (Company address)

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