Buying Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Are you looking to invest in diamonds because the prices are rising with each passing day? If your answer to this question is YES then there are certain things you must keep in your mind before investing your cash. There is no denying the fact that buying diamonds through a wholesale vendor is an excellent way to obtain these precious stones at a reasonable price. Educate yourself and prepare to be able to buy loose diamonds that suit your personal needs. It is recommended to pay attention to details when buying loose diamonds from a vendor. Reduced quality or higher prices will only add to your problems.

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– Rapaport List


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    First, you will be required to improve your knowledge about the 4 C’s which are colour, carat, clarity and cut. The most important thing you must look for when purchasing a diamond is the cut as this what makes the stone sparkle. The colour of the diamond determines its clarity. The measure of diamond’s weight is known as the carat. Similarly, clarity of the diamonds show how imperfect the stone is. You can educate yourself about diamonds by finding a useful online resource.

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    You will be required to work out your budget to find out what diamonds you can actually purchase from a wholesaler. Some types of diamonds are extremely expensive and others are cheaper. The price of a diamond mainly depends on the cut, colour, clarity and carats. Determine your budget in advance to save your valuable time and money. Furthermore your personal criteria will help you list the stones that you can purchase without exceeding your budget.

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    Do your research to prepare a list of all diamond wholesalers in your region. Make an appointment with only reputable vendors. You can do this by finding the merchant’s website online. Alternatively, ask your friends who have purchased diamond previously to refer a wholesale merchant. Again, this will help you save your time.

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    If you are living in a large city like London, New York or Washington, you might be able to find several Diamond Exchange centres, where several diamond merchants are housed.

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