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Call centres have witnessed a boom in the past decade because of an increasing emphasis on consumer sales and support that is provided by companies. This has resulted in creating economic opportunities for millions of people throughout the world. Starting from students to professionals, call centres have openings for all the strata of society. A glaring reason for their success in hiring is that CSRs (customer sales representatives), the backbone of any call centre, do not generally require a high level of education. All the job demands is, good communication skills, courteousness and perseverance. Some people make a career out of it while others take it as a part time job to support their income. If you’re in Paris and don’t know how to look for call centre jobs, consider this article a step by step guide.


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    The first step to acquire any job is to make an intelligent and coherent resume (CV). This is the first reflection of you as a professional, an individual as well as what kind of a student you were/are. List down your academic and professional achievements and be honest about them. You can also give an overview of any extra co-circular activities you’ve participated in, besides mentioning the trainings and/or seminars attended (if any).

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    It is said that networking is of utmost importance in today’s competitive professional world. Look around and you may find someone who has a reference in the call centre industry, or you may know someone who works or has worked in some call centre. Ask them for information about the call centre as well as the industry itself. Apply in their company, because when you know someone who is already working in a company, you have a higher chance of being called for an interview and/or selected for the job.

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    There are different recruitment agencies working to place people in various jobs. They not only have a physical presence but they have also established websites for the convenience of potential employers/employees. Find one in your locality or register online. Below is a list of recruitment companies in Paris, along with their information.

    Euro London Appointments provides recruitment services in various different companies and sectors/industries.

    Address: 21 Boulevard Haussmann, 2ème étage, 75009 Paris.
    Telephone: +33 1 56 03 67 70
    Visit Euro London Appointment’s website.

    Top Language Job is a job placement agency that works online to help employers find employees and vice versa.

    Telephone: +33 1 70 71 84 85
    Visit Top Language Job’s website

    Robert Walters is another recruitment based in Paris that provides helps in providing permanent jobs.

    Address: 25 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris, France.
    Telephone: +33 1 40 67 88 00
    Visit Rober Walter’s website.

    Pole Emploi has been striving to employ people in different sectors, including call centres.

    Address: 48 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris, France.
    Visit Pole Emploi’s website.

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    Besides these recruitment agencies, a lot of companies advertise their job openings in national newspapers. You may want to skim through them to find a job whose criteria you meet and which suits you. Following is a list of newspapers that cater to the Parisian market;

    a) Le Figaro

    b) 20 Minutes France

    c) Le Parisien

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    You may also wish to avail the facilities offered by online web portals that have job listings.  The following web portals offer call centre jobs in Paris.

    View English Language Jobs Website.

    View Trovit's Website.

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    Once you have dropped your CV at different call centres and they call you for an interview, be at your best. Don’t be nervous or under confident.  This will be the last step to take between you and the job, don’t lose it.

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