Cockfosters Tube Station London

The Cockfosters Tube station of London underground is located in the travel zone 5 and is comparatively less busy station. The station started operating in July 31 1933; it serves the area of Cockfosters which mainly includes suburbs of London. Most of the area around comprises of residential population with not much of commercial influence around. But still there are some commercial buildings.

The Cockfosters tube station has three main entrance and exit points, i.e. from Cockfosters Road East, West and from Car Park side. The tube station is equipped with all the basic facilities and has special services for disabled persons, i.e. disabled parking and assistance from ticket hall to platform. Places to explore near Cockfosters Tube Station.


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    Restaurants & Coffee Shops; for the locals living there near the Cockfosters Tube station or the people visiting and need to satisfy their appetite or want a cup of coffee here are some restaurants and coffee shops

    Anuraag Tandoori Restaurant
    Hunters Of Cockfosters
    Kalamaras Taverna

    Coffee shops:
    Miracles Coffee Shop
    Trent Park Cafe
    Moonlight Cafe
    Moonlight Cafe Green

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    Clubs & Bars; for those who want to visit some club or want a drink and have some fun, here are some clubs and bars nearby the Cockfosters Tube station.

    Cock & Dragon
    The Railway Bell
    Builders Arms
    Lord Kitchener
    Bramley Rooms Restaurant
    Red Vault Media
    Stelios Place

    Hot Salsa

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    Hotels & Accommodations; whether you are looking for a place to live near Cockfosters Tube station for a week or for an year, there are places for all sorts of accommodation.

    Mauritius Luxury Holidays, Travel The World, Sundance Villas, Preston Holidays, Central Housing Group

    Igloo Homes
    Meadway Estates
    Central Housing Group

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    Sights & Attractions; if you want to get away from busy and monotonous daily routine and go for some recreation and outing here are some attractions and sights nearby the Cockfosters Tube station.

    Trent Park Golf Centre
    Bramley Sports Ground
    Oak Hill Park

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    Schools & Colleges; if you want to know about some educational institutes or training centres near Cockfosters Tube station, you'll find some really good option. Below are some of them:

    Trent CE Primary School
    The Music Stop
    Oak Hill Theological College

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    Gift & Bookshops; in case if you want to buy a gift for some one, the gifts shops near Cockfosters Tube Station will certainly have something good for you. Or else,  if you love to read some informative books, here is a list of book and gift shops that can help you better.

    Gift shops:
    The Chocolate Shop
    The Lighting
    Gift Centre

    Book shops:
    The Vine Christian Book Shop

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    Health & Beauty Services; staying fit and healthy is essential for every person and to stay healthy and energetic you need to avail health and beauty services provided for that matter.

    LA fitness New Barnet
    Trent Park Gym

    Faking It Tanning & Beauty
    Coco Hair Studio
    Aqua Health & Beauty At COCO

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    Hospitals & Emergency Services; if you are facing some medical health issue there is plenty of clinics located nearby the Cockfosters Tube station within 1 mile distance here are some provided.

    Cockfosters Medical Centre
    Enfield Primary Care Trust
    Chiropractic Clinic
    Cat Hill Dental Surgery
    Enfield Primary Care Trust

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    Shopping Malls; here is only one shopping mall that is located near Cockfosters Tube Station in London that is easily accessible.

    It's Tesco Express

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    Childcare Centres; the parents who are busy and need some facility for child care. and live nearby will find some really good options for child care here. Below are the day care and nurseries!

    Oak Hill Montessori Nursery
    Happy Days Nursery
    Nightingale Day Nursery

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