Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

Many people think that advertising and marketing are the same although they have a distinct meaning. They do have the same objective; trying to sell your service or product. If you have marketing major or are in the business field, you need to know the difference. To have a customer oriented mindset, you should be aware of the difference so that you can apply the correct strategy to attract your customers.

The whole marketing process involves understanding the mindset of your potential customers and what they will be expecting from your product. The colour, logo, punch lines and design should be all integrated and chosen according to the interest of audience. These features are important to get the market share you want. Advertising lets the market know about the existence of your product. It spreads the word about the offering of the product. Marketing and advertising together convince the market that your product is worth it.

The best way to describe the difference between marketing and advertising is to consider marketing as a cake and advertising as one of its pieces. The other parts of the cake include: research, price planning, media planning, sales, customer support and PR. All these together make marketing. All these parts need to work independently but in synergy to produce overall results. They all work together to increase the market share. All of the components of marketing are very time taking. Marketing is all the background work behind the exposure of the product. Advertising is paid non personal message by the company itself. It is the promotion of the company and the product. Marketing is a mix of planning and executing different business activities to transfer the product from the initial stage to the final stage. In conclusion just think of them as related terms with same goal but different in scope.


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    Advertising is a subset of marketing; it is a small part of the big game. It is the exposure of the product to the customer besides the product itself. It tells the customer what the product looks like, defines who it is meant for and how to use the product in some cases.

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    Marketing is the whole process from research of the product to sale whereas advertising is a way to convey your message to your target market using various mediums. It is said to be the process of getting your product ready to go into the market.

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