Difference Between Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader

With everything going digital, books were not to be left behind. Online copies of most books are now available which you can access through your computer. E-book readers specialize in providing a great reading experience digitally and have really made their mark in the last few years. An increasing number of avid book readers are buying these gadgets to read their favourite books. These gadgets bring in a lot of convenience. You can store thousands of books inside a small less than eight inches machine. This saves you from all the storage space you need.  With all the benefits and demand of such readers, there are a lot of companies out there competing for the market share with their own e-book readers. The most prominent ones of them are Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader. For a person with little interest in the small details and specifications, choosing the appropriate e-book reader can be quite a confusing decision. It is important to know the differences between them so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs. Instructions

Kindle 2 has 3G available in its all models which means that books can be downloaded within minutes from the internet. Therefore, when using Kindle you do not need to connect to the computer or any other device. In Sony, you have to connect to a PC using data cable so that you can download the software for books. This makes it cumbersome.

Kindle stores up to 1500 books at a time which is a whopping figure. Sony reader stores up to 350 books at a time. However, these figures are for the basic models of Sony. You can upgrade the memory capacity by paying more.

Sony has flashier and brighter colours than Kindle. Kindle comes in the basic colors of white and grey while with Sony you can get red, black and white. The font size options of both the readers are nearly the same. However, Kindle has the text to speech option which makes a huge difference. With this option, the reader reads out loud the text for you. So even if your eyes are tired of reading, you can listen to the text through the reader.

Another huge difference is that, with Kindle you can only buy books from Amazon which is its mother company. With Sony you do not any such restriction. It might also be the deciding point if any books that you require are not available on Amazon.


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    Amazon Kindle:

    The amazon kindle is developed by Amazon.com. Its main function is of an e-book reader and it allows shopping, browsing and reading e-books. The Kindle comes in a variety of sizes and specifications and is a well- known brand.

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    Sony Reader:

    Sony reader was launched by the famous gadgets company, Sony in 2006. There have been ten reader models up till now.  Sony reader is an e-book with amazing features like sunlight visibility, long battery life and much more. It is available in Sony outlets around the world.

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