Difference Between Diet Coke and Coke Zero

Unlike the regular coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero are two low calorie drinks. Both beverages have almost similar ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners, aspartame, flavour, acesulphame potassium, carbonated purified water, caffeine and preservative.

The main difference between these two beverages is in the proportions of ingredients. Diet Coke is available in multiple flavours, but Coke Zero is just a sugar-free version of Coca-Cola.

Diet Coke has a larger audience, with its availability in 149 countries. The other drink is yet to reach more than 100 countries. Diet Coke is more popular among the ladies, whereas Coke Zero has a bigger male audience.


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    Diet Coke

    Diet Coke hit the market with a huge bang in 1982. Within a couple of years after its release, it became America’s most popular sugar-free drink. Also known as ‘Coca-Cola light’ in many countries other than United States of America (USA), Diet Coke is one of the top soft drinks in the world.

    With plenty of taste and hardly any calories, Diet Coke has made a huge audience. It is available in various flavours, like, Cola, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lemon Lime, Cola Lime, Cola Lemon, Cola Orange, Black Cherry Cola Vanilla and Cola Raspberry.

    This drink has the edge over other sugar-free drinks, because it can be found in several flavours. On the other hand, most of the diet beverages are available in one or a few different flavours.

    It is a common view that men usually hesitate to buy Diet Coke, because the word ‘diet’ is associated with women.

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    Coke Zero

    Coke Zero offers only Coca-Cola’s taste with zero calorie. This beverage is widely popular among the teenagers, who love a sweet blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace K). This soft drink is available only in one flavour.

    It was launched in 2005 and the manufacturers particularly targeted the male consumers in the advertising campaign. Since men shy away from a diet drink, Coke Zero is considered to be an ideal low-calorie soft drink for them.

    Due to its huge popularity among the male consumers, it has been give the nickname, Bloke Coke. It can also be called as Coca-Cola Zero. The beverage is available in less than 100 countries.

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