Difference between Discrimination and Harassment

You should not confuse discrimination and harassment with each other as there is a considerable difference between both of these terms. Discrimination refers to the part where a person gives unnecessary preference to someone while harassment is considered more of an offensive term. Harassment is related to the activities that are focused on humiliating other person. Both of these terms are used in negative sense and are considered unjust in the society. Discrimination can be based on gender while harassment is considered to be more of a sexual meaning.


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    The biased treatment given to a person regardless of his efforts and calibre is called discrimination. For instance, if a person is hard working and intelligent but the management or teacher prefers the person of low calibre over him/her, this is called discrimination. Discrimination can be in any part of the school, college, university, any institution or society. It reflects the level of injustice that a society or any institution has within its limits. In general, discrimination is based on the gender; meaning, preferring one gender over other. It is often observed that the management of organisations favour the other person who does not deserve a particular post. This can also be done on the basis of institution from where the candidate has studied from. Discrimination is also done on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, personal contacts, relationships and area of interest. The basic theme of discrimination is to favour a person who does not deserve the post or vacancy but gains an advantage due to any personal reason.

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    Harassment is considered more aggressive and offensive in the society. It is the activity of going against a person and bullying him/her without any reason. It is primarily related to disturbing someone and taking out your grudge or revenge on it. Harassment is mainly associated with the unwanted sexual activities that are forced on other people. For instance, it is commonly observed in the corporation that in order to flourish or earn a promotion, a person has to compromise on sexual advances regardless of the hard work he/she has done for the company. Not to mention, refusing to any of these activities can harm one’s professional career but this is not done on a wider scale but yes, there are more than a few complaints about sexual harassment.

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