Difference between Escalator and Elevator

Many people fail to understand the difference between an Escalator and an Elevator. They are not similar in any way and are two totally different things. The only similarity between the two is that they are both a means of travelling from one floor of a building to another one. The most common places where escalators and elevators are used are shopping malls and hotels.

Escalators are basically moving stairways that carry people from one floor to the other. They are very similar to stairs bit the main difference is that they are moving ones. On the other hand, Elevators are basically closed cabins that carry people from one floor to the other.

Escalators move at a relatively slower speed in comparison to elevators. The main reason for this may be to maintain a good balance for the people who are using them. There is always a chance of an injury if they are travelling at a higher speed. On the other hand, elevators do not have this issue as they are closed cabins and move in a vertical direction.

Escalators are ideal for places that have more traffic. They may be used in places such as malls, airports and railway stations. On the other hand, elevators are mostly used in places where there is lesser traffic. These may include places such as hotels and malls which have many floors.

One of the main differences between the two is the usage of energy. Escalators operate all the time no matter how many passengers are using them whereas elevators only use electricity when they are in operation.


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    Escalators are stairways that run on electricity and are used for transportation purposes. The most common places where they are used are malls, railways stations, subways and airports. They are installed at places where a larger number of traffic is expected.

    Escalators are relatively slower and you may take a longer period of time to move between floors.

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    Elevators operate vertically and are closed cabins to transport a certain number of people from one floor of a building to another. These are used in places where there is relatively less traffic such as hotels and high rise buildings.

    Elevators use less amount of energy as they consume electricity only when they operate. They are also convenient for people who get tired easily and want to reach their destination quickly.

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