Difference between Escort Cards and Place Cards

Escort cards and Place cards are important stationary items when making preparations for a wedding ceremony. Even though this purpose of both escort and place cards is to guide guests to the proper seats, there are a few differences between the two.  Generally, guests are handed over their escort cards when they arrive at a wedding ceremony. On the other hand, place cards are preset on tables in the area where the wedding ceremony is to be held. In case of place cards, guests have to make their way to the table in order to find their seats by looking at the place cards.

Generally, escort cards are placed near the entrance and each guest is handed over an escort card upon arrival. On the escort cards, instructions on finding the correct seat are detailed. However, the same is not true in case of place cards because they are placed on tables.

Furthermore, place cards are used for more formal events while escort cards are used for events that are more towards the casual side. For instance, if it is a formal business meeting, it is a good idea to make the guests in a proper order. For such an event, place cards are used. On the other hand, if it is a birthday party you are planning to organise, you can make use of escort cards.

One escort card can be handed over to a couple or a family whereas place cards are generally handed over to all the guests individually. Last, but not the least, the shape in which these cards are printed is another difference between the two. Since escort cards have to be handed over to guests upon arrival, they are commonly made in the shape of a chain or a key ring. On the other hand, place cards are preset on table and for this reason can be make using simple cardstock paper.


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    Escort Cards:

    As the name suggests, these cards used to escort a guest to their predetermined seating location during a wedding ceremony or any other event. Directions are written on each card which helps a guest find the correct seating spot.

    - Image Courtesy: preparetowed.com

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    Place Cards:

    Place cards serve a similar purpose as the escort cards. They are an important part of any formal event such as a conference or a board meeting or even a high profile wedding ceremony.

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