Difference between Espresso and Expresso

Without a doubt, coffee is one of most well known hot beverages and top preferences of people around the world. However, many may not know the wide array of variations this drink has. Coffee has been around for a very long time now and has commercially taken over. With big brands emerging and dominating world markets, companies such as Tim Hortons, Starbucks and many more have capitalised on the demand for coffee.

One of the most well known types of coffee variations is definitely espresso. Known is most parts of the world by this name and also as expresso. Both terms basically mean the same thing. There is no real difference between the two and experts believe that expresso is just a slang form of espresso, which has been derived from the Italian language.

The unique feature about espresso, compared to the many other types of coffee available in the market today, is the fact that it is the name of the machine that makes coffee and also the name of the hot beverage that it serves. It is widely believed to be the most famous variation of coffee and enjoyed by all those who love this hot beverage.

There are also two types of coffee lovers in the world today. One is the original, who loves to drink pure black coffee and most of the time, even without sugar to affect the taste in any way. The second is someone enjoys the taste of coffee combined with other ingredients such as milk, cream and chocolate to create a different sensation with the original taste of the coffee beans.


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    The machine that makes this sort of coffee and the beverage itself is called espresso. It is believed to be the original coffee beverage that is purely derived from high pressure hot water over ground coffee beans, creating a mixture that will electrify your senses. Usually, espresso has a very bitter taste which most drinkers may not be able to handle but for those hardcore coffee drinkers, there is nothing better the world has to offer than this.

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    Expresso is the same thing as espresso, but believed to be a corruption of the original Italian word that gave birth to one of the best known hot beverages in the world today.

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