Difference Between VISA Signature and Platinum

In a fast paced world, credit card has become a basic necessity for most individuals and families. With its round the clock operation, you can purchase anything without having the need to worry about liquid cash.

In order to recognize their loyal customers, credit card companies have gone beyond the usual limited packages and offer a wide range of options, including the two top tier cards – Signature and Platinum. Obtaining one of the two cards will ensure that you have the whole world at your disposal.

The Visa Signature card is the most exclusive card which is offered to those individuals who have near perfect credit history. It is basically an upgraded version of the platinum card and offers some dynamic range of benefits to the card holder. The main intriguing feature is that the Signature card has no pre-set credit limit, which means that customers can spend as much as they like. Moreover, there is no annual fee or limit on the services you may acquire.

As for the platinum card, users are also required to have excellent credit history (somewhere in the region of 700) but the card usually comes with a certain spending limit. Moreover, you may be required to pay annual fee for the use of the service and will be charged extra for going over the credit limit.

Signature benefits fall in a vast pool when compared to platinum, where one earns reward points on every purchase. Apart from that, Signature users have 24-hour access to concierge service, which enables them to book their travels in advance, making dinning arrangements, cash back guarantees and further get VIP passes for various events – sports, concert, movies, theatres etc. Your Platinum card may give you reward points but that may be optional. For example, you may be obligated to use a particular airline to gain the benefits.

Nonetheless, there are exclusive offers available for clients on events and travels.


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    Signature Card

    It is credit card offering exclusive perks to individuals in addition to providing whole range of services, special benefits and privileges, such as access to popular events. A reward system is in place which allows individuals to take advantage of greater luxuries.

    Image courtesy: bancoedwards.cl

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    Platinum Card

    It is a high-tier credit card, offering the members or users substantial spending power. The service provided under the Platinum Card is handled by the VISA Platinum Customer service.

    Image courtesy: vffcu.org

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