Difference between Fudge and Brownie

Chocolate items are loved by people all over the world regardless of their age. Whenever you eat your regular meal, there is a desire of eating something sweet afterwards. In such a situation nothing can be better than a brownie or some fudge.

Although both these items seem quite similar, they have some key differences.

Fudge is thicker and harder compared to a brownie as it is more like a chocolate cookie, which is crunchy and crispy. Moreover, fudge is rich in taste, so you can easily tell what you are eating.

If you look at the structure of these two items, you will see a clear difference. The brownie is much more like a cake whereas the fudge appears to be like chocolate. The reason for it is that flour is used in the making brownies.

Fudge is sweeter as it has a more defined solid texture compared to that of a brownie.


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    This delicious item can be enjoyed at any time and the best thing about it is that you can prepare it on your own. It is made through a mixture of chocolate, milk, sugar and vanilla. The vanilla is not compulsory but some people add it in order to make the taste even better.

    The preparation of fudge is quite easy. All you need to do is heat the chocolate and add the remaining ingredients to it. Once you get a smooth mixture, you should allow it to cool down and then divide it into small chunks.

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    Another chocolate item, which is popular in the United States and Canada, is the crunchy brownie. Although the ingredients used in a brownie are quite a lot compared to fudge, yet the shape of both products looks exactly the same.

    The history of brownies is quite interesting, as it is believed to be a result of a baking experiment. It is said that a lady wanted to make a product, which resembled a cake and cookies. Therefore, she mixed a few ingredients and ended up making a brownie. Their taste is quite unique and you can enjoy them whenever you get a craving for something sweet.

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