Difference between Gasoline and Petrol

Although the Gasoline and Petrol functions in the same way, there are some key differences between these two terms. What is the difference between Gasoline and Petrol is one question that keeps coming up. Most people do not understand that essentially they both mean exactly the same. The Gasoline terms is used in the United States whereas the Petrol is used in the United Kingdom. Price is the other main difference between Gasoline and Petrol. Gasoline costs significantly less than Petrol as fuel prices in the UK are considerably higher than in America due to taxation and other economic factors.


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    Gasoline is mainly derived from transparent petroleum and it mainly used as a source of energy for combustion engines including vehicles, motors, pumps and generators. Gasoline is highly flammable mixture as it is composed of hydrocarbons. All hydrocarbons in gasoline including hexane, heptanes and octane are highly combustible which makes gasoline the perfect burning fuel. Essentially gasoline is a highly flammable mixture of liquefied hydrocarbons which burn to produce energy for combustible engines. It is mainly produced using the distillation process at oil refineries across the world. Vehicles that operate with internal combustion engines use gasoline. Additives and catalyst are also included in the distillation process to improve the performance and concentration of certain hydrocarbons in gasoline. In 1900’s gasoline was primarily used for creating water and air gas. Gasoline is used at almost all industrial levels in the United States.

    Following are some the thesaurus words for gasoline:

    Alcohol, avgas, benzine, briquette, burnable, butane, carbon

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    Petroleum, on the other hand, is crude oil that naturally exists as flammable liquid. Again, it has the same structural formula and it is composed of heavy hydrocarbons and other flammable complex structures. These combustible hydrocarbons and organic compounds are mainly found underneath the rock beds in the earth’s surface. It is usually extract by using heavy drilling equipment. Drilling holes are created and the oil is pumped out from the oil wells. As it is complicated blend of hydrocarbons, it also contains natural gas or methane. Methane also has numerous industrial and domestic uses. Other useful compounds extracted from petrol include paraffin, kerosene and benzene. All these compounds are extracted at difference stages of distillation process. Petrol is a terms that is used for a number of products including ligroin and benzene.

    Following are some the thesaurus words for term petrol

    Coal oil, crude, crude oil, electricity, ethyl

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