Difference between Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Heart rate and blood pressure are entirely two different things and while many people mix the two things, they have separate meanings and functions. These days a lot of patients go in to the hospital because of problems related to the heart. Heart diseases can be very dangerous as they have great implications on the health of the patients and can become the fastest route to death for the people. The problems of heart are very sensitive and most of the doctors have advised their patients to go get them checked as soon as possible and as soon as they get to know that they may be facing problems associated to the heart of the body.  Heart rate is the count of the times when the heart of the person beats in a minute or so. This is also known as the heart beat rate and it varies in number with every person. All the people have different heart rates and the most common figure for this lies between the region of 70 and 75. This is the heart rate if a person is very normal and in abnormal cases the rate of the heart beat of a person can rise and falls according to the condition of the person which he or she faces. The heart rate can be checked by a machine and manually as well. The best way to get this checked is that the person should get hold of a stop watch and then should keep one hand on his or her heart. After starting the stop watch, the person should closely listen to the heart beats which take place in either 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Then they can transform this to a minute’s equivalent and the heart rate would be counted. The blood pressure of a person is the amount of the pressure which the heart of the person needs to drive blood forward in the body of the person.


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    Heart Rate:

    Heart rate is the number of times the heart of a person beats in one minute.

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    Blood Pressure:

    The blood pressure of a person is the pressure which the heart of the person requires in one stroke to pump the blood in the body. People with strong hearts have low blood pressure and incidentally are more healthy than the people who have weaker blood pressure and a low heart beat per minute.

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