Difference between Himalayan Rivers and Peninsular Rivers

Indian rivers on a broad spectrum are classified as Himalayan Rivers and Peninsular Rivers. The main difference in both river types is their originating points. The Himalayan Rivers originate in the Himalayas and Peninsular Rivers originate in the small hills. People recognize the importance of rivers in any country. They are a big source of energy and provide water for farms and cities. From a geographical point of view, it is important to understand that Himalayan Rivers and Peninsular Rivers are terms used to identify Indian rivers. These two types of rivers are very important for people of India as they provide them with various benefits from agriculture to energy.


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    Himalayan Rivers

    Himalayan Rivers originate in the Himalayan mountains and Ganga, Indus and the Brahmaputra are famous Himalayan Rivers. Joining many tributaries, these rivers are essential for various tasks. These rivers have different characteristics. One very good quality of these rivers is that they are basically perennial rivers and not dependent upon rainfall. They fill once a year from melting ice from Himalayan glaciers. These rivers produce large plain areas and at the same time are deep enough to navigate through. Not only in India, but in many other countries, rivers which come from great height and make a reserve from melting ice, also consider very useful to produce hydroelectricity. This hydroelectricity is created through water when it systematically moves large turbines. Himalayan Rivers also benefit vast barren lands. Sophisticated countries have created canals using rivers which fill through melting ice. These canals then provide water to those areas where it is needed.

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    Peninsular Rivers

    Peninsular Rivers originate in the small hills and different types of plateaus. These rivers are often called Rainfall Rivers and usually dry up in the summer. Peninsular Rivers do not have high erosion activity. These rivers flow through gentle slopes and often at a slow pace. Peninsular rivers are seasonal in nature and are considered to be much straighter. Unlike Himalayan Rivers, these rivers are also not as deep and are considered unsuitable for agriculture, urbanization and industrialization.

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