Difference Between Transportation and Translocation

Transportation and translocation are two entirely different things but many people across the globe are living with common misconception that the two are the same thing. In fact this is not the case and there’s a world of difference between the two things. Transportation and translocation cannot be regarded as the same thing as there are small differences between the two. Both of the words have something to do with the issue of movement. The people across the world think that the two have similar meanings however this is not the case. What makes the people think that transportation and translocation are the same things is that the two have almost the same type of word bearings. In real, the two have a great deal of bit to do with the process of movement. Transportation is defined as the travelling of something to some place through a specific medium.

This medium can be anything and the word of transportation applies to the general sense where as the word of translocation can be taken in a more specific manner that can only relate to a certain condition and should not be attributed to the general movement of things. The former of the two things and the words can be taken in to sort of meaning that involves the general topic of movement. Many things move across the world these days and the transportation field generally applies these days to the movement of the traffic. Many schools of education have developed their studies in this matter as well and in most parts of the world, this subject is being taught and separate programmes have been offered to the people for masters and expertise in this case. The roads and the bridges and the traffics have become a huge subject to be studied and the field is certainly wide open for anyone to get a say in this specific department. Translocation on the other hand is the movement of the fluid and the general requirements of the body in the plants. This involves a complex mode of vessels that are used to transport the essential nutrients through the body of the plant. This is known as the process of translocation.


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    This is defined as the movement of goods or anything through a specific medium in a general sense.

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    This is the process of the movement of body fluids of the plant through a set up of complex vessels known as Xylem and Phloem.

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