Difference between Hyperopia and Myopia

Hyperopia and Myopia are two types of vision defects. Many people suffer from these vision issues. Hyperopia is called long sightedness whereas Myopia is called short sightedness. These two defects are very common among different age groups. Some who have Hyperopia symptoms face difficulties to focus at a close distance properly. Their optical power limits the proper focus while people with Myopia cannot focus on long distance objects correctly. Having a condition like Myopia, people tend to have blurred vision. Both Hyperopia and Myopia are considered to be genetic defects of the eyes. Although both conditions are quite different, there are various ways in which they can be effectively treated.

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    In Hyperopia (long sightedness), you cannot properly focus at a close distance. The optical power basically limits your vision and gives you great difficulty to see objects that are close. There are many symptoms which will guide you through all the small details about long sightedness. Sometimes if you feel your eyes ache, you should consider visiting a doctor. Sometimes people feel great difficulty to read even at a very close distance, it also means that you are suffering with Hyperopia. Along with genetics aspects, Hyperopia can result through serious injuries. Aging is another major part of Hyperopia. Along with many psychological characteristics, some physiological aspects also play their role when someone suffers from Hyperopia. Short eyes or having a flat cornea focusing images are also characteristics that cause Hyperopia. Doctors suggest many solutions to Hyperopia as they often shift the reflection in the front end of the retina. Convex lenses also give you slight relief in long sightedness. Some doctors suggest a permanent solution to Hyperopia by suggesting refractive surgery. On the other hand, simple Hyperopia, functional Hyperopia and pathological Hyperopia are sub variations of long sightedness.

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    Myopia is called short sightedness as this defect gives you difficulty to focus on different objects at a distance. Blurred vision is a common problem in Myopia. Basically the optical power limits your vision to focus at close objects. Doctors have also classified Myopia in sub variations like induced myopia, low myopia, simple myopia, axial myopia, refractive myopia, nocturnal myopia and high myopia. Some physiological characteristics like long eyes or giving high curvature of the cornea can also cause Myopia.

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