Difference between Recurve and Compound Bow

There are different types of bows that archers use in different archery competitions and also for hunting purposes. Among the various types of bows, Recurve bow and Compound bow are two most common types which are used all over the world. The beginners or those people who do not have any experience of using bows usually do not have any idea about the difference between Recurve bow and Compound bow. However, with a closer look, even a novice can find many apparent differences between these two types of bow.

The limbs of a Recurve bow are curved inwardly and make it more effective by increasing the velocity while releasing an arrow. On the other hand, a compound bow has a pulley system which is used on its both ends in order to stretch the string that helps in bending the bow’s limbs. Recurve bow produces great velocity for shooting the arrow and the reason is that it has curved ends that produce more force. On the contrary, the Compound bow completely relies on the pulleys that allow the archer to stretch the string backwards without putting in extra force. Fibreglass and wood are commonly used materials in the making of Recurve bow while Compound bow is usually made of carbon material. Recurve bow is commonly used in archery competitions and it is also used at Olympic Games but Compound bow is not allowed at Olympics. Recurve bow is not that effective in hunting while Compound bow is commonly used in hunting because it helps in shooting arrows to hit distant targets.


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    Recurve Bow:

    Recurve bow is one of the most ancient bows that people used to employ for different purposes including hunting and archery competitions. It has curved limbs on both ends that have earned it the name of “Recurve Bow”. Recurve bow has got greater level of attention by archers from all over the world because it has got the status of Olympic sport and is used in archery competitions at Olympic Games. It is made of fiberglass and wood and is very light that helps archers to hold it easily.

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    Compound Bow:

    Compound bow works with the help of a pulley system and two pulleys are fixed on its both ends. The archer uses less force to pull the string because of the pulley system and he can hit the target while staying far away from it. Since the resistance power is reduced by the use of pulleys, the Compound bow produces greater power and the arrow crosses a huge distance in a fraction of second. Hunters from around the world frequently use Compound bow as it produces better results during hunting.

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