Difference between Kief and Hash

Kief and Hash are both drugs that people often confuse. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that these are two different forms of drugs which are extracted from different parts of the same plant.

It is important to understand that Hash is the short form of Hashish which is extracted from the cannabis plant. In contrast, Kief is obtained from the bud of the this same cannabis plant. Not to mention that Kief is relatively less psychoactive than Hash as the latter is believed to be more concentrated and have a deep impact on the human mind. As both are derived from different parts of the same plant, people often find it very hard to differentiate between them.

The major difference is that Hash is obtained from Hashish while Kief is extracted from the plant bud that is known as Marijuana. Kief is comparatively the raw form of drug while Hash is a more purified form. Kief is formed after the bud of plant is obtained and is ground down with the help of a mixer. People use both to experience the feeling of euphoria and relaxation in their minds. Being the raw form of the drug, Kief is considered to be less expensive and has a mild impact whereas Hash is more costly and is a lot stronger.

Similarly, the powder obtained after grinding the bud of the cannabis plant is known as Kief. When this drug is vapourised and processed it becomes Hash. Not to mention, Hash is considered to be much stronger than Kief as the former is more pure. In order to get Hashish, you would have to bake Kief at a specific temperature. The quality of Hash is strongly dependent on the quality of Kief.


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    Kief is the powder obtained after grinding the bud of the cannabis plant. Many people use it as it gives a soothing feeling. Similarly, Kief is famous for loose trichromes and is considered to be the raw form of marijuana. It is usually greenish in colour.

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    Hash is the final product of Marijuana and is considered to be more psychoactive and expensive. Kief is usually baked to make Hash. In addition, Hash is of yellowish or brownish colour.

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