Difference between Lice and Crabs

It is always interesting to learn about different animals all over the world and how they manage to survive on this planet. Some of them are nearing extinction for which the concerned authorities are fully active and have been spreading awareness about them.

Most of you will be aware of such animals, but there are a few other creatures, which people don’t have much information about. Some of you might not be aware of the existence of many sea and land animals, which have been on this planet for centuries.

Amongst such animals are crabs and lice. Most people are aware of what a crab looks like, but they don’t have much information about lice. Even if they do see one, they consider it as a small insect. If you take a microscopic look, you will find it quite similar to the crabs.

In reality, both animals are different from each other and they cannot be classified as one family. They do fall under the taxonomic phylum, Arthropoda group, but that doesn’t make them similar at all. The only reason they are part of the same category is that they have jointed legs. Otherwise, their characteristics are dissimilar in many ways and you should learn about them to make a distinction.

When you look at the external differences between crabs and lice, you will notice that the latter of the two have three pairs of legs. On the other hand, the former have five pair of legs, so you can easily identify them whenever you spot them.

Overall, both these animals are categorised as small creatures but crabs are quite large in size compared to lice. The difference is more than enough for you to spot with the naked eye.

One interesting factor about crabs is that they are eaten by people all over the world. They are considered to be a rich source of protein but this is not the case with lice.

Other than the physical differences, you can judge them through their movement. Crabs can only move sideways whereas lice can move both backwards and forwards comfortably.


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    Crabs are found all over the world and have a total of 6,700 species, which are mostly found in the sea. They have a total of 10 legs, which is quite a distinctive feature.

    - Image Courtesy: theirishmother.blogspot.com

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    Although lice are visibly similar to crabs, they are quite different in reality. There are a total of 3000 species worldwide.

    - Image Courtesy: skincarebylouisa.com

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