Difference between Lutheran and Methodist

The reason why most people fail to differentiate between Lutheran and Methodists is that both are doctrines of Christianity. Therefore, they have a lot in common and people often overlook the differences present between them. In order to completely understand the difference, the individual must study both of these doctrines in great detail. This will not only help you in improving the quality of your knowledge but you will be able to understand the concept behind both.

The major difference between both of these doctrines is due to their different dates of origin and their history. Lutherans have originated from the philosophies and findings of Martin Luther who spent his whole life trying to reorganise the Catholic Church. Because of his activities, majority of the Lutheran beliefs are similar to that of Catholics. In contrast, the Methodists believe that the spirit of God is present in every human being.

Lutherans have a firm belief and are actively involved in the traditional way of giving confessions while Methodists do not deem this important as they remain more focused on pleasing God with their good behaviour. Not to mention, Methodists tend to put more focus on being kind and gentle to others as they consider it as an act of ‘Holiness’. With their kindness, they not only wish to create a change in their lives but in the usual routine of others as well. However, Lutherans believe that no matter what an individual does, he/she cannot attain Holiness in this world. They think that one can only be Holy after he/she enters heaven. In order to get rid of their sins and earn a safe passage to heaven, most Lutherans adopt a traditional way of religious practice.

Lutherans can be found in large numbers in Germany while most Methodists are present in England.


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    Lutherans originated from Martin Luther, who had opted most of them as believers of Catholicism. They are densely populated in Germany and believe that confession is the only way to please God and secure their way to heaven.

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    Most Methodists give due importance to act good instead of spending time in confessions. They believe that only good virtue and behaviour is the key to please God and go to heaven.

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