Difference Between Therapist and Counselor

We consult the doctor if there is anything wrong with our physical situation but when it comes to mental health, we consult a therapist or a counsellor. The fact that a therapist or counsellor are used for mental treatment makes it hard for people to clearly differentiate between them. This is one of the biggest reasons why people interchange both terms. Not to mention, the decision whether you have to go to a therapist or a counsellor depends upon your mental state. No doubt both of these help people in overcoming their current mental state but the difference between them is still considerable.

Therapy is the treatment procedure which is used to ensure the mental well-being of a person. To differentiate it from a physical treatment, it is often termed as psychotherapy. In therapy, the doctor may give medicines to his/her patients but they also supplement it through therapy sessions. In contrast, counselling is strictly limited to the piece of advice that a counsellor can give to the patients during their session. Therapy is used in curing mental disorders whereas counselling is preferred when you seek to fix behavioural problems of a person.

Similarly, a therapist tries to convince a patient by talking to them about the issues he/she faces. Here, the discussion of the patient displays the root cause of his/her problems and the aim of the therapist is to ensure that the patient takes their medication on time. With the help of therapy, a patient is able to cope with mental disorders that might include, anger, depression, shyness or guilt. In contrast, the counselor pretends to be a friend of the patient and tries to convince him/her to take the appropriate steps. The focus of the counsellor remains on fixing the behavioural problems of the patient and to ensure that their condition gradually improves. Most importantly, a psychotherapist performs the role of a counsellor but a counsellor cannot be a psychotherapist.


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    A therapist is someone who tends to treat the person through medication and talks to the patient to convince him/her of the effectiveness of this treatment. The focus of the therapist is to solve mental disorders of the patient.

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    A counsellor is a person, who gives advice to people so that they could get rid of their behavioural problems.

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