Difference between Mayonnaise and Aioli

There are countless food lovers who use different kinds of sauces along with their regular meals as these sauces offer a rich taste and make their meals complete and enjoyable. The mayonnaise and aioli are two most common hard-to-resist sauces or condiments that are used in many countries of the world. These sauces make people eat more and enjoy their meals in a desired manner. However, many people consider that mayonnaise and aioli are two different names of the same sauce. But they are wrong as these two sauces are different from each other in many aspects. Mayonnaise is usually made by using vegetable oil or canola oil while olive oil is used in the preparation of aioli. Mayonnaise is a light sauce that is also available in many flavours while aioli is a little heavier than the former. Garlic is one of the main ingredients for making aioli while mayonnaise is prepared without using garlic. For making an emulsion, egg yolk is used in mayonnaise while garlic paste is used in aioli. Keep reading to learn more about mayonnaise and aioli.


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    Mayonnaise has its origin in Spain and it is prepared by using different ingredients in different parts of the world. Mayonnaise is also called mayo in some areas and it is a thick sauce which is used with many dishes. Usually, mayonnaise’s colour is creamy or white and it is prepared by mixing up vegetable oil or canola oil along with egg yolk. A blender is used to mix up oil and egg yolk thoroughly in order to make a smooth emulsion. However, it should not be transformed into the shape of curd while mixing it up. Adding vinegar and lemon juice enhance the taste of mayonnaise and people enjoy their meal along with this hard-to-resist mayonnaise.

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    Aioli is a delicious sauce that is served or used with the meals or with different dishes. While preparing aioli, garlic, salt and olive oil are mixed up that take the form of an emulsion. However, it becomes hard to mix up oil with the garlic paste and people use boiled potatoes in order to prepare aioli in a perfect way. However, there are also a huge number of people who use egg yolk while preparing aioli which makes it a little lighter. This mouth-watering sauce provides a great taste to people and they end up eating more food than desired because of aioli.

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