Difference between Mime and Pantomime

The mime and pantomime are two most famous and widely known forms of arts all over the world especially in Roman (Italian), Greek, English and French societies. However, because of a considerable similarity in the names of mime and pantomime, many people consider these terms as the same and can be used interchangeably. However, they are completely wrong in considering mime and pantomime as the same because these two forms of art are different from each other and cannot be considered as the same.

Mime is an art in which the performers on the stage reveal a whole story through their body movements and facial expressions without speaking even a single word. On the other hand, pantomime actors use masks that make it challenging for them to express their facial expressions and they use their hand movements to convey the message. Mime is more famous in France, Italy and Greece while pantomime has got a considerable fame in United Kingdom. Pantomime form of art is generally considered as louder while mime is not loud at all. In order to learn more details of mime and pantomime keep reading this article.


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    Mime is a famous and ancient form of art that has been performed in Italy, Greece and France for centuries. French are very famous in mime art as they have taken it to the next level but this art has its origin from Roman times. The mime artists perform on stage without speaking a single word as they convey their message, feelings and emotions with their facial expressions and sometimes with body movements and proceed according to a story. Body language holds basic and paramount importance in mime art. Greek mime artists were used to wear masks but in France masks are usually not used in mime art shows.

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    Pantomime is a famous art in which the artists perform through their facial expressions and body movement. Conveying ideas by the movement of hands is the most crucial and important element of pantomime art. For performing in a pantomime art show, the artists are required to wear masks which leave them with no choice but to make an expert use of their hand movements for conveying their feelings and emotions. Usually, pantomime shows are being arranged in United Kingdom and United States of America during the celebrations of New Year and Christmas.

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