Difference Between Security and Protection

In today’s world with so many untoward incidents taking place, sometimes one feels that there is a serious lack of safety for everyone. This can, on occasions, can just be a perception, while on others, quite a bitter reality.

There is a need to maintain a level of safety in all aspects of life.

The two terms we often hear are security and protection. They are practically used as synonyms and there is a very small difference between the two. It is not easy to separate the two concepts.

The main difference is that security is used for the purpose of personal protection of a person from someone who is looking to inflict a bodily harm. Protection on the other hand, is a term that is used for being safe not only from bodily harm but also other problems such as illnesses.

Security generally involves using various gadgets to keep the situation awareness up to date as well as personnel who can protect the person of interest in adverse conditions. On the other hand, protection can be in the form of a guard, a vaccine against a virus or even a sunscreen that protects us against the sun. The term protection is used in a broader sense in comparison with security.


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    It is the process in which an individual or group of people or facilities are protected against external threat which can cause physical harm to the people. It generally involves the armed personnel and modern gadgets that are used to detect threats as well as to counter them.

    The scope of the term security is quite narrow and only caters to security of people or installations. It does not take into account the otherwise well being of individuals.

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    It is a fairly broad term and not only does it take into account the physical protection of individuals or facilities, but also the protection of other kinds.

    It includes the well being against external threats as well as the health of the given person.

    Protection can be against threats, germs, external contaminants as well as other issues. The term is also used for non-living beings.

    For example, a computer can be protected against viruses in order to keep it in proper working order.

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