Difference Between Slug and Bleed

If you have any link with desktop publishing and are associated with the world of publishing, then you should be aware of pasteboard. It is an area outside the document area where you can keep things while printing. Make sure you know that there are a lot of things you would require during designing. However, these things are not printed. As a result of this, you should have margins in the document page. Slug and bleed are two terms generally used during the printing manual. These components refer to a certain area in the document that displays and consists of inaccuracies and some other details that can be useful for the vendors. Nevertheless, slug and bleed are two different things and can never be used for one another.

Be aware of the fact that bleed can be intentional most of the times while slug is a term that needs to be cut before final printing version is made. On the other hand, slug is always have text details like date and name of the document but bleed can be text along with objects. Moreover, slug’s purpose is to give information to purchasers and vendors.


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    Understand that it is just like bleed but is restricted to non printing information like title and date. This important information is used to recognise a document. As a result, this piece of information is very vital for the vendor or the purchaser. A number of times the document is revised or edited, and this is listed in the slug. Nevertheless, it is taken out before the final version is created.

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    It is used for printing that goes beyond the end of the paper following the trimming of the document. The printer has to use bleed if there is some space in the document layout touching with the page border. This helps if any element makes contact with the border and therefore, gets left out before final printing is performed. Whenever you are printing a brochure, you give the printer a big piece of paper in order to cut it and come out in perfect size. Therefore, bleed allows you space for mistakes that can occur while printing like the expansion or contraction of paper, cropping machine not used the right way or if the person using the machine makes an error. Remember that bleed can be partial or full depending on the size of the paper.

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