Difference Between Sultanas and Currants

The reason why most of the people fail to understand the difference between Sultanas and Currants is that both of these are varieties of raisins. Basically raisins are dried grapes which are produced in numerous parts of the world. They are not only eaten raw but people often use them in a variety of things including baking, brewing and cooking. These are mostly produced in various parts of Europe.

Nevertheless, the major difference between them is regarding the origin of both commodities. Sultanas are mostly found in the continent of Europe while Currants usually come from Greece. Similarly, Sultanas are light in colour as compared to currants which are popular for their dark rich colours. Not to mention, Sultanas are much softer dried grapes when compared to currants. Another major difference between both products is that of the taste. Sultanas are much sweeter in taste than any other variety of raisins.

Similarly, currants are among the most popular variety of raisins and it is made from Zante, which is also known as Black Corinth grape while Sultanas are made from green grapes. Currants are much smaller in size as compared to Sultanas. This is due to the actual size of the grapes used to make them. Currants are also very sweet but Sultanas are much sweeter when it comes to taste.

Subsequently, Sultanas are processed with Sulphur Dioxide and then treated with heat to dry. One can easily distinguish between Sultanas and Currants by just touching them as the latter is considerably harder. Due to their dark colour, people sometimes confuse berry and currants while sultanas are very distinct and cannot be mixed with berries.


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    Sultanas are basically raisins made from the sweetest form of dried grapes. They are much lighter in weight and colour and usually come in a golden shade. The taste of Sultanas is very sweet and they are extremely soft.

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    Currant is a kind of raisin that comes in dark colours. It also very sweet but resembles berries and it is considerably hard. Currants are much smaller in size and are usually used for baking.

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