Difference Between Temple and Shrine

Both temple and shrine are used interchangeably in a lot of cases. However, they entail different places that are visited by tourists and worshippers in various ways. A temple acts as a place of worship and a number of people come to pray here. It is also known as a structure used for leading and attending religious sermons and services. On the other hand, a shrine is a place that has sacred icons, relics and things of historical importance. A lot of people more commonly known as pilgrims go to shrines. Nevertheless, be aware of the fact that religious offerings might or might not happen at a shrine. In recent times and culture, a shrine serves the purpose of commemorating a famous and well known individual.

Shrines and temples all over the world display several religious beliefs and practices. Moreover, they also represent memorization of legendary mortals. They both offer places where people and pilgrims can perform religious worship, or just meditate or visit for tourism attractions. A lot of pilgrims can be seen leaving behind candles and flowers at shrines. Also immediate shrines are created for memorializing the death of an influential person. For example, a shrine was erected at Kensington Palace in London after the passing of the revered Princess Diana.


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    The old age Egyptian culture worshipped a number of Gods and Goddesses, and the pharaohs made temples for worshipping and paying tribute to every one of them. The most well known temples can be found at Karnak. The monstrosity of these temples show the significance of Gods worshipped by ancient Egyptians. These temples at Karnak display how shrines and temples can be used interchangeably. These Karnak structures are labelled temples as they were created as worshipping place. However, they are no longer used as a temple and are considered as shrines.

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    It might have the remains of the revered personality or personalities it memorializes. A very good example of a shrine is Taj Mahal in India. This building was made in 1648 by Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his dead wife, Queen Mumtaz Mahal. Her remains are still located in the lower level of the structure. Interestingly, Taj Mahal is also famous for being a wonder of the world as well due to its majestic beauty. Shrines are also located in temples and other worshipping places. Secluded structures in cathedrals are also known as shrines.

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