Difference between Timer and Counter

Timer and counter are two different terms yet many people get confused and use them to replace each other. Nevertheless, both terms are related to tracking down the numbers and frequency of things that happen in a certain time limit.

No doubt, both of these terms are used to measure the occurrence of a particular event in a time span but there is a difference between these terms that one cannot ignore. A timer is used to identify the time required to complete a particular task. For example, in order to note down the functioning of a motor, you would set the timer and see how much time it requires to complete the task. Alternatively, you can set a goal for yourself by setting a timer for a particular task and then rush to know how much time it took you to perform some particular work.

Counter is used to check the number of frequencies of the happening of a particular event. In today’s world, manufacturers are widely using counters in their logic circuits to ensure the smooth functioning of various products.

It should be noted here that an individual can use a timer for the purpose of a counter but a counter cannot be used as a timer. The reason is that a counter is used to figure out the frequency of happenings of a program while the timer not only does that but it also notes the total time required to accomplish the task. The most common examples of timers are microwave ovens and air conditioners that are subject to shut down after reaching a certain temperature level. Replaying a song in a music player is the perfect example of counter while boiling water in a microwave reflects the properties of a timer.


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    A timer is important to keep track of time while performing a particular job or task. For example, setting an alarm clock is the example of a timer. In essence a timer determines how long something takes to get done.

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    The notion of calculating the number of occurrence of a particular event in a certain time is called a counter. For example, setting an alarm clock on repeat after equal intervals of time is known as counter.

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