Difference Between TM and Registered Trademark

Basically, the important difference between a registered trademark designated by the symbol ®, and a simple trademark denoted by TM, is just the word registered. This is because a registered trademark is officially registered with the United States of America’s Patent and Trademark also known as USPTO or its foreign equivalent. On the other hand, a trademark (TM) might be in the process of becoming registered with the United States Patent and Trademark in the not too distant future, or maybe it will just stay as trademark and will never be registered. There is not a single law presently that requires a company, organisation or inventor to get it registered for their products. However, replacing a TM with a ® will provide you with a little extra legal protection.

The difference between the two things is just like the copyright or a patent. For example, when a piece or art is completed by an artist or a written work is printed, it gets copyright protection on its own. In this same fashion, any new innovation with a specific and different name can be thought to be trademarked in the TM way. An organisation can come out with a new line of cricket bats known as Ahsan for instance, with a picture of a big cricket star. The picture and the name Ahsan would be taken as a trademark, and the organisation could put the TM designation on its product as soon as possible to safeguard it from copyright infringement.


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    Registered Trademark

    If you do not register your trademark, then it can cause problems for you because of the extreme competitiveness in this particular business. Another cricket bat company could also make a bat named Ahsan or even the same name and add a similar picture of the cricket star that you signed. Despite, the originating company having proof that their bats came first in the market, they might not be able to suggest infringement as they did not registered the trademark with USPTO.

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    A trademark assigned TM is a warning to other companies that the product's name and design are the exclusive right of the organisation. However, a registered trademark offers notice that it has definitely been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark. Know that just a legally registered company can be designated by the ® symbol. Moreover, even after that you need to renew it after some time.

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