Difference Between Toenail and Fingernail

We might not think about our nails that much, but they are certainly a very important part of our body and cannot be underestimated at any cost. The two types of nails that are found on our body are fingernails and toenails.

Amazingly without toenails and fingernails, we would not be able to exert as much pressure as we normally do with our hands and feet. Fingernails and toenails make this possible by protecting the soft tissue of skin underneath them and acting as tension absorbers. They are made up of a strong protein known as ‘keratin’ and also play a major part in making our hands and feet look beautiful, if taken proper care of, that is.

Continue to read below the difference between Toenail and Fingernail.


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    The similarities between fingernails and toenails are many because of the functionality, properties and stability related aspects. Without both, we would not be able to function properly and would face a number of problems performing everyday tasks. Having said that, this does not mean that they are entirely the same in each and every way; they are also different in their own special ways.

    While both fingernails and toenails may have the same functionality of protecting the fingertips as much as they possibly can, but a major difference between them is that the latter is much harder than the former. There is a much higher chance of toenails being ingrown as well as compared to fingernails. The ingrowing can be extremely painful as the nail, which is supposed to grow outward, begins to grow towards the skin it is meant to protect. Fingernails are also an indication of general health; the colour marks and spots on your nails can mean the difference between a healthy human being and something being internally wrong.

    The speed of growth of toenails and fingernails is very different as well. Toenail grows at a much slower pace as compared to a fingernail.

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    The nails which grow on your toes are known as toenails.

    Image Courtesy: nickel-notes.blogspot.com

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    Nails of the fingers, for the protection of your fingertips, are classified as fingernails.

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