Difference Between Traditional and Modern Farming

Farming has been perhaps the most adopted profession through the course of history. It provides people with the food and many other essential materials that one needs in life. Without farming, it would be impossible for most of the industries to run as the raw materials would not be available.

In today’s world, the ways have changed as a lot fewer people are involved in the profession especially in the developed countries where mechanisation has made the task a lot simpler. There is certainly a lot of difference between the modern and the traditional ways of farming.

The methods are probably the biggest difference between the two. The traditional crops were sowed with the help of hands whereas modern crop is being sowed with the help of machinery.

The speed of the work has been accelerated with the arrival of machines. Similarly, with better techniques being applied, per acre yield also has been improving with the use of modern techniques in comparison with the traditional ones.

The fertilizer traditionally used has been animal waste whereas in today’s farming, fertilizers that are made in the factories from various chemicals are used. The traditional fertilizers were only put in once and although the per acre yield was less, the quality of the crop was superior.

The number of times in which the industrial fertilizers are needed to be put into the fields can vary depending on the crop. However, it has to be put in more than once and the quality of the eventual crop is not as superior as that acquired from the use of natural fertilizers.


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    Traditional Farming

    Traditional farming had very little use of technology in it. Bullock carts were the most commonly used for helping in process. The yields were naturally low.

    There were also a lot of attacks from the pests and the situation often could get out of hand easily. The main source of water for the crop was often rain.

    The quality of the produce was superior and it was very healthy in nature. Since the population was not too high, the farming provided just about enough for everyone.

    It is still partially in practice in many countries of the world.

    - Image Courtesy: fao.org

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    Modern Farming

    There have many new techniques that have been introduced in recent times. The machinery has improved the process and newer techniques allow better per acre yield.

    Some of the produce has been genetically modified though in order to get a greater level of production which many believe is not suitable for good health.

    The use of chemical fertilizers is commonplace in the industry at the moment. In order to provide water to the crops, many techniques are now being used and the lack of rain is not as big an issue any more.

    - Image Courtesy: nextscience.org

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