Difference Between Seabed and Land

Be aware of the fact that seabed and land are linked to one another and might be exact in the way that they both offer for the creatures residing in their particular area. Seabed provides for sea creatures and land offers man with all sorts of opportunities. On the other hand, all animals and insects that live on dry land are accommodated by land as well. Make sure you know that land is not covered with water as is the case with seabed. Man can decide to go to seabed but sea creatures normally cannot come to land on their own. Human beings have to bring them to land for entertainment or other purposes.

Earth is made up of 75 percent from water and the remaining 25 percent is land. As a result of this, the sea and water creatures live together with the land creatures since the beginning of time. Seabed has been home to a number of sea creatures and during the lot are even those that human beings do not even know about. However, a lot of researchers are trying their utmost to know about all the creatures present in land and water. It is also known that human beings are more aware of land creatures than the water creatures. Moreover, human beings have invented various technologies through which man can go to seabed and it is up to them to decide to use their expertise for the greater good.


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    It is also known as the ocean surface. Access to the seabed is difficult as it is the bottom of the ocean and that is the reason why majority of the people have not had the chance to go there, lurk and research. Moreover, it is also very hard to breath under the sea along with the difficulty to get there. Nevertheless, some high tech inventions were made to aid the passage to the seabed but those are very costly for most people and only a handful can afford them as all researchers are not super rich and cannot find investors willing to be part of their venture.

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    Man is well accustomed to land as he has lived all his life there. Land is known as the part of the world that is not filled with water. Know that only 25 percent of the planet contains of land and man can easily survive there.

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