Difference Between Unit and Townhouse

When it comes to housing, everyone wants a place which is cozy, comfortable and gives a homely feeling. Some people like to live in independent homes while others are more comfortable with living in a community.

In this current day and age, there are many options that a person can make use of. One can live in an apartment, townhouse, family home or even a residential unit with many people living in the same building. The options usually depend on the size of the city that you are looking to move or reside in.

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    Two of the very popular choices are the unit and townhouse. Both have subtle differences between them which make them a different choice for someone looking for a new residence.

    A townhouse is an independent house which is attached to one or more similar houses. A unit as a combination of rooms and other amenities that are present in a house as a part of a larger building where other people reside in similar units.

    The price or rent of a townhouse is higher because it gives a more independent lifestyle. The facilities of a townhouse are also much more independent with more space to use. The price or the rent of the unit meanwhile is less than that of a townhouse since there is a less independence and a lot of facilities that are shared with other residents.

    For people who prefer a greater level of privacy, a townhouse is a great option. On the other hand, people who are not too concerned with the privacy factor will be quite comfortable in a unit as well.

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    Unit House

    It is a part of a larger building where many people reside side by side in independent, small sized units. These units have the basic needs of life including bedrooms, sitting areas and a kitchen with washrooms.

    Other facilities such as car parking, swimming pools and sitting areas are common and shared by the residents of the building. It is an ideal solution for someone who wants to spend less.

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    A townhouse is a proper house with a building that is attached with other similar buildings. It has its own independent parking in most cases and also has a front and a back sitting area which is independent.

    It is a great solution for families or people who look for more privacy and are not comfortable with sharing facilities with others.

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