Difference between Vaccination and Immunization

Many people are unaware of the difference between vaccination and immunization. Once you are vaccinated, it does not necessarily mean that you have also been immunized. Recently, immunization has replaced the word vaccination not only in medical terms, but also in literature. Hence, the difference between vaccination and immunization must be clear in order to know more about vaccines in general.

Vaccination includes the vaccine you inject or swallow in order to minimize the chances of having a certain disease. On the other hand, immunization means that you are immune to something (disease). While a vaccine is minimizing the chances of a disease, immunization is totally eliminating them.


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    Immunization is the process in which the user eliminates the chances of a particular disease. In order to complete this process, a vaccine can be used.

    It is a proven tool that is used to eliminate diseases that are life threatening. A study suggests that 2 to 3 million people die each year because of such diseases. However, immunization can reduce this number by eliminating these diseases from the human body. The process is extremely cost-effective and anyone can use it to avoid life threatening diseases. Immunization is more than just basic medical sciences; it is a set of proven strategies. However, the process has its own drawbacks as well. Even today, immunization is limited to defined target groups and not everyone has an access to it.

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    Vaccination protects people from harmful and threatening infections. Such infections could be the results of bacteria or viruses. Even some serious health conditions can be fatal for which vaccination is the best answer.

    Vaccines are built for certain germs, either dead or alive. When someone receives a vaccine shot, the body generates antibodies against that certain germ we want to eliminate. However, it must be kept in mind that vaccines do not guarantee immunity. Vaccination is usually considered a safe process but even it has its side effects. For example, there are several allergies which a human body catches and there are vaccines for it, but taking these vaccines might cause some other allergy. There is a possibility that you might catch an allergy related to breathing while you are trying to treat an eye allergy. This is possible because the elements used in vaccines are good for a few allergies, but they can aggravate other dead organisms in the system.

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