Difference Between Visa and Passport

The lack of education and awareness often create problem for the people, as they are unable to identify the difference between visa and passport. Unlike many things, which just have a slight difference, the passport and visa differ greatly but are interconnected with each other. A passport is an official document issued by the county to its citizen for the purpose of travelling around the globe. In contrast, visa is the permission by the government of a country to a particular person, allowing him/her to enter their premises.


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    Types of Passport

    There are various types of passports issued by a government and the most common ones are:

    Ordinary passport

    The ordinary passport is issued to the citizens who wish to go abroad for the purpose of travelling. The ordinary passport is mostly issued to common people and it can be used for various purposes including studying or tourism.

    Diplomatic passport

    These passports are issued to diplomats of the country who have to go to the other country for work related purposes. Note that the diplomatic passport does not grant immunity to a person instead, they have to apply for the visa just like other people.

    Official passport

    The passports, which are issued to government people are, call official passports. These are often named as service passports and these are used for the governmental work, which has to be done in the other country.

    Temporary passport

    These are the passports, which are issued by a foreign country to visitors who lost their genuine passports during the course of their visit. The purpose of this passport is to help them get through any difficulty regarding the checking of documents and is only valid until the person returns to his home country.

    Family passport

    Here, instead of publishing a passport to every individual, the whole family is issued a single passport and they do not have to hold multiple passports.

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    Types of Visa

    There are different types of visa depending upon the need to visit the foreign country.

    Transit Visa

    The visa, which is used to get through another country in order to reach the destination country.

    Student Visa

    It is sanctioned those who wish to study in the foreign country.

    Business Visa

    It is issued to businessmen only who wish to go for the business purposes in other country.

    Tourist Visa

    It is applicable to people who wish to travel the foreign country.

    Work Visa

    It is sanctioned to those people who are hired by the organisation in foreign country.