Difference Between Visualization and Image Processing

Visualization and image processing are two modes of making images. It is important to understand that this can be done through either signals or from a sketch or a diagram. However, both would result in a picture either printed or through the screen. Visualization and image processing have their own applications and uses. As a result of this, you should understand the difference between the two and how they function in various circumstances. Understand that visualization is a technique crafted in making images. On the other hand, image processing uses signals for which result in a picture.

Paintings, cave drawings and sketches are examples of visualization. Examples for image processing are video frames and photographs. The final product for visualization is a picture itself irrespective of either parameter related to the actual image. Visualization caters to present day science, education, art and multimedia whereas image processing generally applies to computer sciences and electrical engineering.


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    It is a tool or technique and a process of making an image. This is done in order to advance the way you see and understand things. In earlier days, visualization has been used as a mode of communication. Moreover, in earlier times as writing and language were not that established or modern, hieroglyphics was used instead to communicate. Be aware that hieroglyphics is a good example of visualization. Prominent examples of visualization are paintings, cave drawings and sketches. Furthermore, it was previously used to maintain historical records so that people might see them in the near future.

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    Image processing

    Image processing is a technique done by signal processing. Image processing normally relates to the process which creates a picture in order for the image to be seen clearly. Generally when you say image processing, it relates to digital processing by making use and seeking assistance of high technology gadgets. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that analog and optical techniques might also be performed in order to process a picture. Remember that image processing indulges in the use of signals to cause an image. A couple of examples of it are video frames and photographs. Also, image processing treats the image to improve the overall quality.

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